06 July 2009

Beaded Hairclips - Sequine Flower-HairClip

Klip Rambut Bermanik

Baru-baru ni saya sempat siapkan klip rambut bermanik ni.
Buat masa ni warna yang sediada hanya warna kuning..
Warna merah, biru, ungu masih dalam proses pembikinan..
Nanti dah siap saya masukkan gambar..

Setiap klip rambut berharga RM13.00 (saiz besar)
Bagi yang berminat sila email/sms saya ye...

02 July 2009

Baby Diaper Stacker/Storage

The perfect accessory for your baby's room

Holds up to 5 dozen of diapers, can put your baby soft toy or panties or tudung/anak tudung & others item.
Fabric: Cotton Size: 11.5" (W) x 8.5" (L) x 18" (H)
Machine washable.
The top portion with 100% polyster fiber filling.
The base with hardboard.
A hook (swivel) that attaches easily to any dresser even you can hang it in your wardrobe.

Price: RM25